Art brought to life – Angela

The site where Monet painted his famous Waterlillies. Giverny was in the French countryside and had an amazing array of flowers – some Kim and I had never seen before.
The arbor in front of Monet’s home.
Does anyone know what kind of flower this is?
This was my personal favorite flower of the day!
I am not sure if we have mastered the K&A selfie yet, but we were all smiles today.
The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Every bit as opulent as it appears.
From the Gardens at Versailles. You can really get a sense of how large this building is…no surprise it caused a revolt.
One of the many fountains in the garden at Versailles.
The strangest meal yet: this is a Cosmopolitan and a Cesar salad. The Cosmo was frozen margarita-like and the salad had fried chicken and potatoes in it!

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