Hop on, hop off – Kim

Our 1st full day involved more sleep than I care to admit, but we had a great day once we conquered the worst of the jet lag.

We are the cutest. With the shortest arms. Gotta work on the selfie game. Arc de Triomphe in the background.

But we started with Notre Dame, which is a 10-15 minute walk away. Check out those Gothic flying buttresses.

Then we got on a bus for a tour around the city. Stops besides the Arc included the Eiffel Tower.

The Rodin Museum. Haven’t been inside yet  but we saw The Thinker. His butt anyway.

Rodin's The Thinker
The Opera Garnier, home to the Phantom of the Opera. Apologies to the folks who didn’t want to be in this.

I think this was part of the Louvre but I promise nothing. All the buildings are so cool it can be hard to keep track.

The Seine and the Ile de La Cite, the island that is the heart of ancient Paris and home to Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle.

The gargoyles in true Gothic architecture are way more menacing than the ones in neo-Gothic architecture.

And completely unrelated to gargoyles but just so you see how we lucked out, look how cute our bathroom is.

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