Today Kim and I headed out for another day of Parisian sites. 

This photo captures the height and magnitude of Notre Dame. Stain glass and arches fill the church and the hushed silence and candles made this a more solemn moment of our day.
Amazing symmetry – and again, the height of the structure stands out.
Wasn’t even tempted to check out the confessional.
Gargoyles! Some of them were still in tact, while others showed signs of weathering.
The ceremonial bell and belfry.
The best views available after climbing 422 stairs! Phew!
Intricate detail at Sainte-Chapelle.
After climbing the stairs and rounding the corner…goosebumps! The stained glass took my breath away.
Each panel tells a story, most from the bible.
One last look at the artistry of Sainte-Chapelle as a whole.

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