Sigh, Versailles – Kim

After Giverny it was off to Versailles, with a stop at Moulin Rouge, a countryside restaurant and mill, for lunch.

Skipping the picture of the fish-based terrine for the first course and the all-white pic of chicken and potatoes for the 2nd to go straight to dessert, tarte tatin. 

Yum. As I said to Angela, I think my cat would have enjoyed the terrine more than we did. But here’s a rec if you need one:

Then the palace at Versailles. Simply stunning. The size and scale of Louis the 14th’s homage to himself is amazing.

Inside there’s a mythology theme, with Louis, the Sun King, always comparing himself to Apollo, the Sun God. Here’s his real bedroom:

And his “show” bedroom. 

The throne platform, sans throne.

Hall of Mirrors ceiling.

Outside we saw many sculptures and a handful of the 300 fountains (there used to be 1500). 

This my hangry face. Aka the dragon fountain.

Three somethings fountain. Crowns maybe? We really could have spent the whole day just in the gardens.

And then we ate a lovely dinner of French onion soup and Caesar salad (with fried chicken and potatoes–so weird). 

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