Food and drink in Paris – Kim 

The quest to eat my way through Europe is going well. One of the places we ate was the  Eiffel Tower. Our Monday evening included dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel.

The prix fixe menu started with aperitifs.

Then an entree of smoked salmon with some kind of creme with dill and mini pancakes??? with apricot reduction.

The plat principal was poulet with pommes de terres (chicken with mashed potatoes), which was starting to feel like the national meal. This had mascarpone foam on top though.

Chocolate cake–deconstructed–for dessert.

We returned to cafes the next day. Cider is the official drink of Normandy since it’s too chilly for growing wine grapes.

We did not eat this but I had to take a picture. Hot dogs are on the menu everywhere right next to the croque madame and monsieur, and we don’t know why.

Chicken tikka at Desi on the Left Bank. We had to go hang out with the university crowd.

The onions and peppers I thought would be Angela’s last meal. She survived.

Chocolate sundae at Cafe de Flore, one of Picasso’s old haunts.

Salad with champignons and egg rolls at Thai Spices in Marais. So yummy. We needed a little break from cafe food. Too much cheese and butter.

Thai steak and pad Thai with poulet.

Snack of crepe with Nutella and banana. Crepes are take-away food here. Soon we will be on to beer and chocolate in Belgium.

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