Churches in Paris – Kim

Sacre-Couer (Sacred Heart) sits at the highest point in Paris, in the Montmartre neighborhood. I walked up all the steps to the top. Someone give me a cookie.

It’s named for the 60-foot high painting of Jesus with his heart exposed and aflame.

The inside of the dome.

Stations of the cross.

Just next door is the church of Saint Pierre de Montmartre, which dates to the 9th century. 

It celebrates 2 local miracles. Saint Denis, who was beheaded but still managed to walk 3 miles north to die in Montmartre.

And the fact that though WWII bombs knocked most of the glass out of the 2 churches, no one was killed.

Other Montmartre wonders included the square full of painters, an amazing classical guitarist…

And this lady, closest I got to a mime.

Walked by the the Chirch of St. Paul and St. Louis, once attended by Victor Hugo.

Speaking of Hugo, we of course spent time at Notre Dame. Say hello to Emmanuel, king of the bells.

He is joined by his good friends the gargoyles.

And Joan of Arc.

Flying buttresses. 

Stained glass.

The Rose Window from the inside.

And the outside.

But for the most spectacular display of stained glass, you need to see nearby Sainte-Chapelle.

The church is in many ways more about the king than God. Note the symbol of the king used throughout.

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