Idyllic Bruges – Angela

More than merely quaint or charming (it has both in spades!), Bruges captures your heart immediately.  Every corner and person makes it a place I would call home, even if I don’t live here. 

Kim and I arrived yesterday afternoon, checked into our AirBnB, and then set out to explore the city.  

The main room of our AirBnB. Our hostess Kate and their dog Arya, greeted us warmly.
Original artwork from when our home was a guild house.
The canal right near our home.
Still haven’t mastered the selfie!
The ceiling of an incredibly old church.
Canal intersection where we picked up a water tour.
Pictures would never be able to capture it – although it didn’t stop us from trying.
More charm. 😀
The owner of t ‘Stokershuis, the best meal we have had on our trip, hands down!
Dad, spectacular spaghetti! You would have loved it! I promise to make some when i come home in October. It won’t be this good though…
Warm & cozy! Only five tables in the entire restaurant…

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