Beloved Bruges – Kim 

Everyone we met in Paris, upon being told our next stop was Bruges, exclaimed, “Ahh! You will love it!” Now we know why.

We took a boat trip along the canals and climbed The Belfort, a medieval bell tower. You can see it in the backdrop above and below.

This is the Basilica of the Holy Blood. The church has a reliquary displaying the blood, and it is part of a procession through Bruges on the Feast of the Ascension.

The church is located on the Burg, the old medieval center of town. The aldermen used to meet in the amazing Stadhuis next door.

Pretty nice place for a town council meeting. We were on the lookout for Leslie Knope.

Their politicians were more fabulous than ours.

Right next to the Burg is the Markt, home to the Belfort and some great shops and cafes.

To be honest, a great deal of our time here has been spent trying to capture the perfect architecture photos.

Canal view.

The Stadhuis.

Their Zara is cooler than ours.

So is their McDonald’s.

When we weren’t taking pictures, we were eating and drinking. 

Waterzooi, a traditional Flemish stew.

Belgian waffle.

Belgian beer.

Belgian fries. Sorry, I can’t support eating them with mayonnaise.

Belgian breakfast.

Didn’t eat any of these bad boys at the Patisserie Academie, but they all looked amazing.

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