Chocolate & midnight raids – Angela

Yesterday Kim and I spent most of our day with chocolate at the forefront. 

To fortify us for the day, we had a fabulous breakfast at an adorable cafe.
The was the “Simple Breakfast” – which was simply delicious.
Artfully designed chocolate sculptures greeted us at the Choco-Story, where we learned the history of chocolate.
The Choco-Story had these scenes set up to explain the story to kids. Some of them were quite detailed.
The curator’s sense of humor was evident throughout!
King Bean!
Another adorable chocolate sculpture, Lady and the Tramp.
Your two favorite Cocoa Beans!
Then shopping for friends and family at The Chocolate Line. Almost ten pounds was shipped this morning back to the states. 😀

Then Kim and I headed to dinner and out for drinks at some fantastic local pubs.  Meanwhile, a full fledged raid was underway…

The evidence was clear, Arya – the hosts adorable dog – had made a bold move.
Further raid evidence.  There were two casualties – some chocolate owls I had bought my Mom and cute race cars made of chocolate for Cade & Landon. 😀  

Arya is okay, by the way.  Apparently this wasn’t her first (or probably last) successful raid. 😋

P.S. Arya greeted us today. Guilt written all over her face!

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