Amsterdam’s many marvels – Kim

The canals in Amsterdam are an engineering marvel and perpetual source of beauty.

It’s so obviously a major port city and these are working waterways.

Many people live in houseboats on the canals, too.

The AirBnB where we’re staying looks over canals on 2 sides. This is the sun setting in the west.

Here is one of the most ridiculous cars I have seen, parked on a sidewalk. Bikes are the primary form of transit and they get right of way over cars and pedestrians.

Angela models the shoes of a typical Dutch citizen. 🙂

I’m eating the apple pie of a typical Dutch citizen.  

The automated fried food of the Dutch at FEBO.

Savory pannenkoeken for breakfast next to the Anne Frank House.

This is the bedroom Anne shared, first with her sister then a family friend. Some of her magazine pictures–the sort any teenage girl has on the walls–are still there.

In some ways it was much more a celebration of Anne’s life and the birth of the author within than a place of sorrow.

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