Final Thoughts – Angela

I got home yesterday afternoon and after being gone for two weeks, I admit it feels good to be home.

This post will include some European oddities and some of the best door knockers and thingymadoos.  I will also share my favorite Van Gogh paintings – visiting the Van Gogh Museum checked off a major bucket list item for me – YES!

Fresh mint tea – a new favorite!
Sketch from Museum of Modern Art – reminded me of Bigfoot, and vacations with Jean and Andrea.
Dinner had warm cucumbers in it. Not sure about this!??
Welcome to Febo, a unique Dutch experience.
I have selected a chicken burger, with lettuce and tomato. I am surprised at how good it was!
We had top loft view of the shipping lanes coming in and out of Amsterdam. Great to see the ships of all types (tourist, tug boat, barges).
Van Gogh’s Sunflowers
Close-up of Sunflowers. You can see how thickly he applied the paint to the canvas.
A photo doesn’t give this justice – in person you can really feel the movement in the scene.
Van Gogh’s Irises
This was our kitchen in Bruges. And I thought my kitchen was small!
Miniature ice cube trays! And a general lack of ice served.
Door adornment in Paris
Ornate door knocker in Bruges.
Oddest meal: Cesar Salad and Cosmo. The salad had fried chicken and potatoes. The Cosmo was a blended smoothie with vodka in it. Very good, but strange nonetheless.
A door in Bruges
Amsterdam houseboats & gears

Traveling to new places is a true joy: to see how others live and celebrate life. We saw amazing works of art, ate some delicious food, and got to spend time with an incredible friend. Thanks Kim for a fantastic trip! ❤

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