Halloween in Chicago – Kim

In honor of my mom’s birthday, we headed to the Chicago Botanic Garden to attend the Spooky Pooch Parade.

It was not terribly spooky, but was filled with pooches and their people in Halloween costumes.

You had agricultural themes.

Bo Peep and her sheep.

A flower box.

A tiny Chewbacca.

And a large Imperial Walker.


An alligator.

Dogs as lions, people as dogs.

A wiener as a wiener.

The Chik Fil-a cows. This Great Dane pup is only 4 months old and currently growing a pound a day.

A psychedelic bus. 

Most realistic lion. I don’t know who won the contest, but I think we can agree they are all good dogs!

The Botanic Garden itself was beautiful of course. 


Water lilies blooming in late fall.

Cypress tree.

Canna lily.


Late season roses.

Asters and honeybees.

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